LancerTech Capture the Flag

May 15 - 19 - All Online

A capture-the-flag contest (CTF) is an information security-focused event that involves recovering certain pieces of information that may be difficult to access. Competitions are scored based on the number of problems solved as well as the time it takes to reach a correct solution.

One of the defining features of a CTF is the open-endedness of the platform. There are usually very few restrictions on what tools competitors are allowed to use in order to encourage the discovery process. The only major stipulations are as follows – no attacking other users, no denial of service on the platform, and no sharing information with other teams. Other than these most basic rules, competitors are forced to find their own tools, techniques, and methods to solve the problems. Because of this, there may exist multiple correct (and often unintended!) solutions to a particular problem. At the conclusion of every competition, teams will generate their own writeups, publically available solutions that describe their workflow and tools used.

How much does it cost?

The competition is entirely free! Just register by April 28 and you’re all set.

How does my team earn points?

We will email registered high school teams with the competition’s website. The competition site will list the various tasks available and provide a space for you to submit the retrieved information for points.

How will the winners be announced?

Scoreboards will be available throughout the week of the competition. But on Friday, May 19, we’ll have a live stream that awards the title of LancerTech CTF Champion to our lead team. The winner will remain posted on this page until next year.

How can I practice before hand?

This is tricky stuff, but it’s doable and awfully interesting. Check out YouTube on ways to use Kali Linux and Metasploit. Look up some Udemy courses. And then check out SecureState’s War Room. We also recommend the exercises in the Pentester Lab.

Can I participate from home? Where is this happening?

The whole event will happen online over the course of a week. We’re trying to make it as friendly as possible for high schools to start up new teams and give this exciting field a try.