LancerTech Events

CTFLancerTech Capture the Flag

Spring 2017

The LancerTech CTF event is an online Information Security challenge. Registered high school teams from around the world compete remotely to crack security barriers to obtain hidden information, “flags.” Points are awarded through our system. Experts are on hand to setup and oversee the competition.

LiveLancerTech Live

Spring 2017

Visiting teachers to Gilmour Academy attend their choice of lesson on a pedagogical innovation. This information is made all the more useful as guests are then taken to live classrooms where the skill and technology discussed are demonstrated. The demonstrating teacher then meets up with the group for an open discussion.

IoTHackathonLancerTech IoT Hackathon

Summer 2017

High school builders and makers will be invited to register for an on-campus Internet of Things challenge unlike any other. Teams will be given a kit of parts on a Saturday morning and an industry expert will explain the terms of the challenge. Submissions are due the next evening when our judges will review the projects and designate a winner.

ConferenceLancerTech Conference

Summer 2018

The LancerTech Conference will be the largest educational technology conference in the Cleveland area. Incredible speakers, cutting-edge teachers, and the most exciting vendors will be present for this celebration of 21st Century Learning.